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Director of Implementation, Health and Wellness FJN Job Listing

FJN® Job Listing
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Director of Implementation, Health and Wellness - DORCHESTER, MA US
FJN® JOB Number 13719

Job Description:
Category: Finance
Job Title: Director of Implementation, Health and Wellness, FJN 13719
Company Name: Boston Public Schools Health -and-amp; Wellness Dept.
Company Web Site:
Industry/Product: Other; Not Listed  
Annual Salary: Full-Time  
Responsibilities: As noted. Position Summary and General Goals: Reporting directly to the department's Executive Director, the Director of Implementation will manage the operations and strategic direction of the Health and Wellness Department in order to meet the directives and scope of work outlined by the district, the department's strategic objectives and grants; ensure compliance of grants, budgets and reporting; and support the department's sustainability by helping secure additional department funding. The Director of Implementation will work closely with the Executive Director, while holding a high level of independence and decision-making authority, as he/she leads the development, implementation and evaluation of Let's Move in BPS: the district's initiative to provide all students in grades K-12 with weekly, standards-based Physical Education (PE) and daily, planned Physical Activity (PA); and leads the implementation of the department's school-based technical assistance, supports, and services. The Director of Implementation's specific job duties and responsibilities include:Manage the operations and assist in leading the department's strategic direction and district alignmenta) Assist Executive Director and coordinate with BPS in the hiring of staff and contract employees.b) Acts as Liaison to Academic Network Superintendents ensuring quality delivery of health and wellness services and supports.c) Ensure the department's alignment with the Healthy Connections: the district's strategic plan for Health and Wellness, the Superintendent's Acceleration Agenda, the Academic Achievement framework, the district Wellness Policies and other district strategic priorities and policies.d) Lead the development, monitoring and implementation of the department's balanced scorecard and the performance-based management system.e) Manage, supervise and evaluate Health and Wellness Department staff, as assigned by the Executive Director.f) Manage department's individual, workgroup and staff meeting schedules.g) Identify and assist with the organization, planning, and delivery of staff professional development opportunities, such as staff retreats and individual staff professional development.h) Be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the department.i) Serve as Executive Director in her absence, making appropriate decisions as necessary.j) Oversee the implementation of the department's budget, procurement processes, accounting, payroll, contract and invoicing systems.k) Provide capacity building support and technical assistance for the department's workgroups, cross-departmental teams and other shared-leadership teams.Lead the development, implementation and evaluation of Let's Move in BPSa) Supervise, manage and evaluate the department's PE and PA staff, such as grade-level PE Instructional Coaches, the Physical Activity Program Manager and the Physical Education for Progress Project Director.b) Work with individual PE -and-amp; PA staff and PE -and-amp; PA-related teams to develop, monitor, assess progress and revise individual work plans and project plans.c) Oversee and support the development, implementation and evaluation of PE Instructional Coaching, the Wellness Champions Program, FITNESSGRAM, and district-wide professional development and other Let's Move in BPS components.d) Lead the district's PE -and-amp; PA Policy revision process and lead the development of the PE -and-amp; PA Policy's implementation strategies.e) Collaborate with the department's data coordinator to develop and implement a system to track, evaluate and measure impact of Let's Move in BPS.f) Provide feedback and input throughout the BPS PE Curriculum Frameworks revision process and implementation of standards-based PE curricula in BPS.g) Work with PE -and-amp; PA-related community partners to effectively develop, broker and support equitable, high-quality PE -and-amp; PA partnerships in schools.Lead the department's efforts to ensure highly effective, aligned and coordinated school-based technical assistance, supports, and services.a) Lead the development, implementation and alignment of the department's efforts to provide direct school-based technical assistance to schools.b) Provide direct technical assistance, identify and bring in providers for professional development that will build the capacity and improve the ability of the department's staff to effectively support schools.c) Ensure that all school-based initiatives and activities support and directly align with the Superintendent's Acceleration Agenda, the Healthy Connections Strategic Plan, the Health and Wellness Department's balanced scorecard, wellness policies and goals.d) Ensure that department initiatives align and are coordinated with other departments' health and wellness-related efforts and initiatives in schools.e) When necessary, provide direct technical assistance and support to school principals/headmasters, teachers, school leaders, Wellness Councils and other key school-based stakeholders.f) Provide department staff, partners and school leaders with supports and professional development necessary to integrate health and wellness-related activities into Whole School Improvement Plans.Manage and ensure compliance of grants, budgets and reportinga) Work with program managers and coordinators to establish contracts, review bids for services and equipment, and monitor grant expenditures.b) Maintain and implement grant budgets according to set timelinesc) Oversee data collection and report progress on a monthly basis.d) Communicate with Executive Director and other staff to prepare and ensure that all funder reports are submitted in a timely manner.e) Manage communication and data sharing (i.e. annual reports, presentations) among grant funders and key stakeholders.f) Work closely with the Executive Director to develop, execute and revise the department's annual budgetSupport the development the department's sustainability plan and help secure department funding:a) Collaborate with Executive Director and other BPS departments and partners (e.g.: BPHC) to identify and secure future funding opportunities to support the ongoing mission and strategic objectives of the department.b) Support the department's efforts to secure additional funding through research, proposal writing, and identify additional other sponsorship/funding opportunities.c) Work closely with the Executive Director to strategically develop the departments long-term sustainability plan.
Requirements: Degree: Undergraduate
Language(s): English
Additional Information: Reference Financial Job Network for immediate consideration.
Apply online:
Job Location:
    State: MA
    Country: US
Travel Required: No
Relocation Provided: No
Submit Resume/C.V.: Yes  
Submit Salary History: Yes 

Send resume to:
Not available.
Contact Name: HR Recruitment  
Zip/Country Code:
Country: US
Telephone: N/A

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