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Executive Director of Specialized Services FJN Job Listing

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Executive Director of Specialized Services - ROCHESTER, NY US
FJN® JOB Number 15141

Job Description:
Category: Finance
Job Title: Executive Director of Specialized Services, FJN 15141
Company Name: Rochester City School District
Company Web Site:
Industry/Product: Other; Not Listed  
Annual Salary: Full-Time  
Responsibilities: PRIMARY PURPOSE : The Executive Director of Specialized Services is a critical member of an integrated instructional team in the Division of Teaching and Learning. He/she exercises significant discretion and independent decision-making authority, and advises the Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning regarding procedures and protocols developed to ensure all schools are addressing the diverse educational needs of students who are classified or who are at significantly risk of becoming classified as disabled pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The Executive Director of Specialized Services provides intellectual and administrative leadership by catalyzing, leading, and participating in collaborative, interdisciplinary research and action-oriented results to support student achievement. He/she works closely with the Chiefs of Schools and Principals, and advises them as to best practices to meet cumulative performance targets in all critical areas while engendering high levels of satisfaction with services provided. The Executive Director of Specialized Services works collaboratively with schools and various Central Office departments to identify and select highly qualified, exceptional teachers and paraprofessionals; maintain individualized educational program data, and collect and analyze all district data for instructional and compliance improvements; seek external funding; and meet all Federal, State, and funding sources reporting requirements. CRITICAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Plan, direct and supervise all activities of special education, including but not limited to the areas of specialized instruction, compliance, and finance and business in accordance with district, state and federal policies and applicable laws. Lead collaborative initiatives in support of developing professional learning communities within and beyond the context of schools and the district. Participate in professional development to ensure that the district is continually abreast of all new and promising practices; maintain communication with state and national special education departments, agencies and organizations to support continuous assessment of all aspects of special education and knowledge of state and national trends to disseminate to appropriate personnel. Collaborates with the Department of Professional Development to align professional development with professional learning community's models and the district's vision and mission, and develops, provides and/or coordinates professional development and guidance to administrators and teachers in collaboration with instructional and ELL directors on instructional and service delivery practices to support teaching and learning and improve academic achievement and accelerate learning. In collaboration with the Director of Professional Learning, assist schools in developing professional learning plans that promote the internalization and ownership of special education by all district administrators and teachers and reflect the philosophy of 1) collective inquiry into best practice and schools current reality; 2) action orientation; 3) commitment to continuous improvement; and 4) results orientation. Oversee individualized educational program data and, in conjunction with individual classroom teachers, administrators and school communities, access, review and apply a range of data, including but not limited to information from individualized educational programs, to improve instructional and service delivery, improve student achievement, and craft immediate appropriate and effective interventions for students with disabilities who are experiencing academic difficulties. Provide training to school administration in collaboration with instructional and ELL directors to enhance administrators' knowledge in building collaborative cultures reflective of Professional Learning Communities. Convene and facilitate RCSD specialized services council of representative administrators, teachers, community partners and parents. Considers and adapts to the effects of social and technological developments on teaching and learning. Unifies diverse views of students, staff parents and community members into a cohesive vision for students with disabilities. AREAS OF ACCOUNTABILITY: In collaboration with the Department of Accountability and the Director of Intervention, implement a systemic process which includes the provision of data-informed, research-based instruction to support the academic achievement of students with disabilities and students at risk of becoming identified as students with disabilities. In collaboration with the Department of Placement and Student Equity, ensure that students with disabilities are grouped by similarity of needs in appropriate in-district programs, and that program offerings are equitable across the district. Oversees and directs all special education-related SED activities (i.e., State Performance Plans, Focused Reviews, Quality Improvement Plans, VESID Work Plans, etc.) and ensures that the outcomes are consistent with the goals of teaching and learning, and that Principals are supported in the activities and in sustained compliance. Develops monitors and ensures the adequacy of the continuum of services for students with disabilities and makes recommendations to the Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning and Chiefs of Schools with respect to equity of programs across district buildings. Assesses the special education components of the comprehensive educational plan (CEP) in every school, supporting Principals in setting key objectives for learning and measurable benchmarks. Advises administrators, TCOSEs, and teachers to ensure national and state academic standards and performance indicators are met. Prepare and manage the departmental budget including oversight; approval of expenditures; and monitoring to ensure alignment with goals of teaching and learning. Oversee purchases and administer the distribution of all departmental materials and services, and manage all departmental resources to ensure alignment with goals of teaching and learning, and the equitable distribution of resources amongst the three zones. Implements department goals and objectives annually and performs all other tasks and duties as assigned by the Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning. FUNCTIONAL TASKS OF THIS ROLE: Collaborate with the office of Youth and Family Services to increase parent understanding of and engagement in special education. Collaborate with the Chiefs of Schools to improve instructional models, compliance and effective uses of resources. Develop and implement opportunities for schools and the community to become deeply knowledgeable about students with disabilities and the implications of children's cultural assets and needs.
Requirements: Degree: Undergraduate
Language(s): English
Additional Information: Reference Financial Job Network for immediate consideration.
Apply online:
Job Location:
    State: NY
    Country: US
Travel Required: No
Relocation Provided: No
Submit Resume/C.V.: Yes  
Submit Salary History: Yes 

Send resume to:
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Contact Name: HR Recruitment  
Zip/Country Code:
Country: US
Telephone: N/A

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